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Alive Again Alliance 2019 Year End Survey


Alive Again Alliance's 2019 Year End Survey is here.  Our church is your church! Please take a few moments to answer some questions about Alive Again Alliance Church in an effort to help us grow.



Are you ready for a marriage with NO money fights? Money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce in America, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Couples can work better together, and we’ll show you how. At Money & Marriage, you will:

• Learn practical tools and strategies to communicate more effectively and work better together

• Reconnect and realign the goals of your relationship and your money

• Discover a renewed vision for your marriage and walk away ready to accomplish your dreams together

It’s a Valentine's date night worth investing in! We can’t wait to see you there.

He Gave Us Prophets (Engage Biblical Studies)


BEGINS: Sunday 2/02/2020

WHEN: 9:00 AM TO 9:45 AM

WHERE: Alive Again Alliance Fellowship Area.


 This course gives an introductory perspective for the study of the prophets of the Old Testament. It dispels common misunderstandings about the prophets, provides guidelines for interpreting prophecy, and gives the student confidence to begin studying prophetic literature. The course is based on the DVD series by Dr. Richard Pratt, “He Gave Us Prophets.” 

Spiritual Life Basics (Engage Biblical Studies)


BEGINS: SUNDAY 2/02/2020

WHEN: 9:00 AM TO 9:45 AM

WHERE: Alive Again Alliance Fellowship Area.


The New Testament challenges each of us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). What does this mean and how do we do this?

The Spiritual Life Basics course begins with explaining how to know for sure that you have eternal life through Jesus Christ. Then you learn how to develop and grow in your relationship with Jesus through reading the Bible, learning how to talk to God in prayer, and the importance of being part of a community of believers and sharing your faith in Jesus with other people. Begin growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ today!

Who is Alive Again Alliance Church?



Christ, Alive, Everywhere

From the Cross, to the Hearts, to the Hands



To Go and Make Disciples Empowered by the Father, the Son, and the Holy-Spirit.


Our Core Values

At Alive Again Alliance our number  one priority is to create a Holy-Spirit empowered disciple-making culture.  We do this by engaging God in five ways:

through Prayer

through knowing and obeying the Word

through giving all of our lives through Stewardship

through authentic Community

through telling our Story, Anywhere, Anytime, to Anybody


Christian and Missionary Alliance

Alive Again Alliance Church is among one of the many Christian and Missionary Alliance churches in New Jersey.  For more information about the Christian and Missionary Alliance you can visit their website:

A Word from the President of the C&MA

 This month, John seeks to bring clarity to the conversations before The Alliance related to streamlining our organizational structures and reviewing guiding documents. 

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Alive Again Alliance is a "come as you are" atmosphere. Most people dress casually and the environment is warm and friendly.

Sunday Service - 10:00 am

Thursday Prayer - 7:00 pm

Alive Again

1060 Church Rd, Toms River, NJ 08757

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