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It’s been an amazing year of God working in, around, and through His Church, and specifically at Alive Again.  Our church was officially launched in April of 2014 with over 100 attending the grand opening service, additionally this year there have been 9 baptisms, growing Sunday morning attendance, 2 Pulse groups launched and more on their way, new outreach ministries launched, and most importantly more people saved from the clutches of sin and death through the transforming power of the Gospel.

Here’s the honest truth: it would not have happened without all of those who have contributed their time, money, and good portions of their lives to the mission of the church.

Alive Again has subscribed to FaithStreet as our new online giving platform. It is the fastest, safest way for the Alive Again Family to support our church.

Online giving is the easiest way to give to Alive Again
Online giving allows you to give whenever you want and wherever you are, not just during service on Sunday. You can give on your computer, phone, tablet, or anywhere you can access the internet.

It’s safer than checks
It’s more secure than giving by cash or check. Cash and check can get lost, stolen, or just tracked poorly.  Online gifts through FaithStreet are secured by a 256-bit SSL connection and sent directly to Alive Again’s bank account.

It creates faithful giving
Recurring gifts help you make giving a priority. For the church, it makes income more predictable and budget planning an easier process. It also keeps giving consistently high during summer months.

It saves you time
Online giving reduces the administrative burden on our stewardship team. FaithStreet sends receipts and thank you’s, transfers money to Alive Again’s bank account, and sends year-end statements.



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