God Is In Himself

Teach us, O God, that nothing is necessary to Thee. Were anything necessary to Thee that thing would be the measure of Thine imperfection: and how could we worship one who is imperfect? If nothing is necessary to Thee, then no one is necessary, and if no one, then not we. Thou dost seek us though Thou dost not need us. We Thee because we need Thee, for in Thee we live and move and have our being. Amen.

"The Father hath life in himself," said our Lord, and it is characteristic of His teaching that He thus in a brief sentence sets forth truth so lofty as to transcend the highest reaches of human thought. God, He said, is self-sufficient; He is what He is in Himself, in the final meaning of those words.

Whatever God is, and all that God is, He is in Himself. All life is in and from God, whether it be the lowest form of unconscious life or the highly self-conscious, intelligent life of a seraph. No creature has life in itself; all life is a gift from God.

The life of God, conversely, is not a gift from another. Were there another from whom God could receive the gift of life, or indeed any gift whatever, that other would be God in fact. An elementary but correct way to think of God is as the One who contains all, who gives all that is given, but who Himself can receive nothing that He has not first given.


 For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son to have life in himself. John 5:26 


 The life of God comes from within Him and is not a gift from another. He contains everything in Himself. 


 Teach us, Father, that you are self-sufficient, that you have no needs outside of Yourself. 

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Prayer is the Primary Work of His People

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