"Who Shall Begin The Battle? He Answered, "You."


1 Kings 20:14

 As a ministry we believe prayer is the primary work of God's people and our Prayer Ablaze ministry’s foundational verse is “Devote yourselves to prayer,” Colossians 4:2. At the end of 2018 a prayer warrior at our Thursday night prayer gathering had a revelation to pray Toms River out of the hands of the enemy and bring freedom into people's lives. And so, there was a map of the town posted on the Church’s wall and everyone began to pray. 

As the Leadership prayed, the Lord directed us to 1 Kings 20:14 and we sensed God say that we should begin the battle with prayer and so we did. From that, we developed 4 prayer targets: 

  1. Salvation of Souls (Matt 24:14)
  2. Freedom from all Addiction (John 8:32)
  3. Restoration and Strengthening of Marriages and Family
               (Joel 2:25)
  4. Freedom over the Spirit of Poverty (Psalm 118:17)

As we meet every Thursday Night at 7pm and commit to pray for the four prayer targets, we will also set aside a time quarterly to drive throughout the town and pray Toms River away from the devil and back to righteousness and holiness. We encourage everyone to join us on this mission. If you have any questions please contact us.

Prayer is the Primary Work of His People


Here at Alive Again Alliance Church we believe that Prayer is the Primary Work of His People.  Come join us every Thursday night starting at 7:00 pm.

1060 Church Rd, Toms River NJ 08755

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Prayer is the Primary Work of His People

All of your prayer needs will be kept confidential.  If you would like a prayer team member to call you and pray with you, please include that special instruction along with your contact information in your message.

Prayer Ablaze

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